Our Most Important Web Design Principle

VirtuoLegance Most Important Web Design Principle

When we first speak with a client about their website needs, it’s an EXCITING time for us! The reason is not because we have an opportunity to add a customer to our portfolio, but rather we get to find out what’s their Why which is our MOST important web design principle.

What’s Our Why?

At the very early stages of VirtuoLegance (pronounced Virtue-Elegance), we did n’t have a Why. It was like we lead with what we did and how we did it: Branding, Web Design, and Internet Marketing. Digital Marketing achieved uncommonly well with simplicity and effectiveness. Well, I was shown a Ted Talk a couple of years ago and this was the first time I heard of Simon Sinek. He talks about everyone has a Why and ‘Your Why is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do’  backed up with ‘How’ you achieve this then lastly stating ‘What’ you actually do. After watching this Ted Talk, it felt like the sky opened up and angels sang. I thought, Yes! That makes sense! Not too long after that, I spoke with a colleague over lunch about this to help elaborate what is our Why. During this discussion, VirtuoLegance will:

  • Define What Sets You Apart
  • Reveal Your Unique Story
  • Give Your Business a Virtual Voice

We’ve established our Why. Now, our How.

VirtuoLegance is Virtuosity and Elegance merged together. Dictionary.com defines these words as:

Virtuosity(Virtuoso) – A cultivated appreciation of artistic excellence…

Elegance – Gracefully concise and simple…

We define what sets you apart, reveal your unique story and give your business a virtual voice with doing the common, uncommonly well by simplicity and effectiveness.

What we do is:

  • Branding (Defining What Sets You Apart)
  • Website Design (Revealing Your Unique Story)
  • Internet Marketing (Giving Your Business a Virtual Voice  via Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing etc…)

Let’s Talk About Your Why BEFORE Anything Else.

When we speak to You about Your website needs, we don’t talk about the website first, that’s later. It’s more of a conversation of Why have You gone into this business/endeavor where You need a website. We want to understand You and/or Your products/services You provide. Why does this set You apart from the rest in Your industry.

From there, we discuss How do You go about which enables us to gauge Your drive/passion/purpose.

Lastly, we dive into What You do. This gives us a holistic picture into Your business then we get to dig through the requirements of Your website then add our web design expertise. This entire process enables us to reveal Your passion, Your unique story where You’re heard through the World Wide Web.

Our recent customer’s Why…

With one of our recent customers, a boudoir photographer, we asked Why are they shooting boudoir sessions for women. Their reply, ‘We want to empower women and make them feel beautiful.’ From there, we asked how do they actually accomplish this, then they went on and on about their studio sessions create an intimate setting for their clients etc. What they did…Boudoir Photography. We were able to understand their passion about their business starting with their Why, delving into the How then topping it off with What they did resulting in us to elegantly design their website that expressed what they are passionate about…Empowering Women and Making Them Feel Beautiful.

If you give us the opportunity, VirtuoLegance will communicate the purpose of your business through your website with asking:

  • Why did you start your business?
  • How are you accomplishing this?
  • What does your business do?

With this approach, we will define what sets you apart, reveal your unique story and give your business a virtual voice with digital marketing achieved uncommonly well with simplicity and effectiveness.

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