Importance of Knowing Your Audience in Web Design

Every web design should connect to its audience. You probably identified your target audience during your market segmentation. But, do you really know who they are?

A VirtuoLegance friendly reminder:  7 in 10 businesses flop because they fail to connect with their target audience.

Scared your business is one of the 70%? In this article, you’ll learn why you need target audience,  how to identify who your target audience is, and the 5 benefits of knowing your audience in web design.

Why Do You Need A Target Audience?

According to Google, great marketing begins and ends with the audience. But if you want great conversion, it begins and ends with marketing to the right audience.

Focusing your website’s message, advertising promotions, and content to your identified audience filters out unnecessary traffic and entices high potential leads.

Marketing effort optimizations can be done only if you know your audience. Learn what makes them tick, what you can do to persuade them, how to get their acceptance, and most importantly, how they’ll choose you.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Your target audiences are the predetermined recipients of your all marketing efforts. They are the intended group whom you want to reach and convert into paying customers.

Most businessmen and marketers are blind to their real target audience. Most of them say, ‘People who want to buy my merch’,  ‘Everyone’, ‘Males’, “Women.”

If you answer the same, this might cause your business peril.

You can identify your target audience by asking these questions: Who are they? What’s their demographic (age, education level, profession, location)? What’s their most pressing issue, problem, or desire? How does your product solve their problem?

If you want to further specify your target audience, answer this questionnaire created by Hubspot.

Benefits of Knowing Your Audience in Web Design

After identifying your target audience, we can start designing your website. Web design will be map according to your understanding of your audience e.g., what they want, expect, and how we will improve their buyer’s journey in your website.

These are the benefits of designing your website according to your audience:

  • Better Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO
    • Personalized content built from their interest is one of the top priorities of digital consumers.
    • Websites focused on target audience increase engagement, decrease bounce rates, and increase conversion. Indexing bots track these activities and make your website rank higher in search results.
  • Increase Engagement and Conversions
    • According to Social Triggers, 94% of users are uneasy in websites because of its design. This uneasiness resonates to low engagement and poor conversions.
    • One of the best ways to connect to your audience is personalizing your website for them. Optimizely saw a 113% jump in visits to its solutions page and 117% increase in clicks on secondary CTAs after they personalized their homepage.
    • Using smart personalization engine that recognizes customer intent can increase digital business profit to 15% in 2020.
  • Lower Bounce Rates
    • First impression holds true in the internet. Website visitors form their opinion after .05 seconds upon reaching your site.
    • People in different age groups, genders, and profession react differently to your content, layout, and aesthetic choices. But, if you specify immediately who your target audience is, people in that demographic will be more inclined to stay on your website and see what you have to offer, especially if it answers their problems.
  • High Website Authority
    • Focusing on your target audience helps you create an authoritative website for them. The benefits are:
      • It gives your brand a credibility to a wider audience.
      • Higher search ranking results in topical approach.
      • Potential customers or existing customers will read or watch future content.
  • Better Insights for Optimization
    • 74% of customers feel frustrated if your website does not cater to their needs. If it’s more valuable, interesting, or relevant, 63% of consumers said they’ll think positively of your brand.
    • Customized website design for your target audiences filters out unnecessary traffic and entice high potential leads.
    • Thanks to big data, you can learn how your target audience acts in your website. Where they land, pages they exit, their location, and the device type they use while in your website. From these pieces of information, you can optimize your website through tinkering facets that doesn’t do well.

Improve Your Website For Your Audience

Reaching your audience is necessary to succeed in your business. It is not an option but a demand you should answer.

Connect to your audience thru optimizing your website, your loudest marketing message. Make it tailor fit to increase your engagement and conversions.

At VirtuoLegance, we strive for your website’s optimal performance to your audience. That’s why knowing your audience is one of our must-haves before designing your website.

If you want to learn more how we can help you in creating your virtual representation that connects to your audience, click here. We’ll connect you with our experts and give you a free quote.

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