How Often You Should Redesign Your Website

Are you thinking about redesigning your website? If yes, then you should.

Websites are redesigned to give the needs of your visitors (preferably before or the moment they ask for it). This is more than giving your website a new look or following the latest trends. It is your website’s re-strategizing to increase visitors, amplify audience engagements, and boost customer conversions.

How Often Do You Need A Redesign Website

There are a lot of experts on the internet who say redesign must be done within 2.6 years or after 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days upon launching.

This is not true.

There’s no general rule how often redesigning must be done. Instead, redesigning websites should depend on your business and audience needs.

Why Do You Need A Redesign Website?

Websites are redesigned to answer the changes demanded by the progressive digital world,  its tools, and the people in it.

These are the reasons why the redesign is great for your website performance:

  1. Adapt to the latest trends. Trends exist because people crave for them. Some websites have 515% increase in traffic through a redesign that adapts to the latest trends.Currently, these are the trends expected in your site: develop your new site according to current web standards, restructure the navigation to conform to audience expectations, and implement search engine friendly URLs.
  2. Become more relevant to the audience.  Audience perception changes. According to a study, once your site loads users form their opinion after .05 seconds. Redesign helps control audience perceptions and expectations. It avoids bad impressions thru optimizing your web design into an easily digestible content, imagery, and branding according to your target audience.  
  3. Develop your website into a more important and useful digital channel of your business. Marketing strategy changes.Websites should be built according to a solid digital marketing plan. Its structure should improve the buyer’s journey and nurture the leads.

When Do You Need A Redesign Website?

Now you know why website redesign is needed, let’s talk when do you need it.

  1. The Website doesn’t work a.k.a. Outdated. Navigation and features are broken? Does it look old and crappy?
  2. It Doesn’t Accurately Represent You. Your business talks about innovation yet your website looks from 2012? Your product is simple yet quirky but the website is complex and formal?  
  3. Does Not Provide Seamless User Experience. Does your website look distorted on mobile devices? Not a responsive web design which increases user bounce rates?
  4. It doesn’t give the KPI you set. The Website doesn’t give the conversions you need due to poor web design? Customers leaving before conversion due to ineffective website structure?
  5. Change in business and marketing strategy. Have a new marketing strategy to follow? Did the website change its purpose?
  6. Search engines can’t list it. Search engines can’t find your website? Low search ranking? Can’t update content?

If your answers to the mentioned questions are YES, redesign now. Your website and your audience need it.

To further learn if you need a redesign, check if you have high bounce rates, exits, and low engagements on your website. Give your website a boost by giving the content and structure your audience wants.

What Your Website Needs In A Redesign

  1. User-Friendly. People in the internet value the ease-of-use in your website. Note that after a bad experience with a website, 88% of online customers are less likely to return. 44% of internet users complained difficult navigation,  most likely why they bounce from your website.
  2. Responsive web design. Responsive web design is a necessity. With a billion more mobile users than internet users in the globe and 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work (even when desktop or laptops are within reach), it’s a certainty your website will be viewed on different devices. Learn more about responsive design here.
  3. SEO savvy. Every 60 seconds more than 5,067 web pages are created. Redesign and build an SEO savvy website to stand-out and rank higher in search results

Who You Need in Redesigning Your Website

Your website is your virtual representation. It’s one of your main marketing tools.

Redesigning your website must be done according to your audience needs. You need website developers who take the time know them. Developers who use the latest technologies and tools. Developers who create a responsive website on any type of device.

More than that, they need to define what sets you apart and reveal your unique story.

VirtuoLegance is the home of expert web developers, equipped with latest technology and tools to provide you with the unique virtual representation you need.

Our success depends on your success. 

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